The slogan of Herbioticum transmits the company philosophy too. These days we are witnessing a renaissance of herbs. People are opening their eyes and are turning away from the maleficient world of medicines and chemicals full of side effects and are turning to the magical healing forces of nature. It is time to pay more attention to the most precious treasure of our life: our health.The day has come to wake up again smiling, happy and full of energy. It is time to feel good and enjoy yourself. Protecting and maintaining your vitality is our most important mission.

EU headquarters: Felsenaustrasse 17, 3004 Bern, Switzerland


Our products integrate scientific results with the practical and welltried knowledge of ancient times. We pay a lot of attention to providing the best solutions and products to our costumers. In order to ensure the best quality and to satisfy all requirements the raw materials of Herbioticum come from all over the world – either from the unimaginably rich flora of the Carpathian basin or the rigorous climate of Siberia. We formulate Herbioticum products from well-selected and excellent raw materials with well-developed industrial processes. We are at your service with our best knowledge. More and more distributors are joining us from all over Europe in a continuously growing international network, helping Herbioticum to serve more and more people’s health.